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Project Communication

Project Communication

Every project is different and will have its own challenges, unique decisions and external factors which affect the day to day operation and eventually all stakeholders involved. Therefore, communication in the pre-construction, during construction and after handover stages are crucial to projects success.

These days communication comes in many forms such as emails, texts, and phone calls and with all the items up for discussion in each project, following all these channels gets confusing and inefficient.

Communication at Marco Projects

We put an emphasis on our stakeholder communication because we know it is key to an efficient and successful project. Weather it is the client, the architect, designer, or our sub-contractors, we consistently communicate to ensure there is nothing missed. As a holistic design and build company, we need to be across every detail from concept to completion, if we lack communication, we will not be able to do our jobs at the highest level.

Communication Anytime, Anywhere

We use a dedicated online platform for all our projects, which is available on the computer or through an app on your phone. Each of our clients gets their own project portal, which holds all relevant documents, discussion threads and project updates (photos, schedule etc). This makes communication effortless in each phase of the project and allows all stakeholders to stay informed at any time of the day and from anywhere around the world.

Testimonial Snippets

  1. The team was upfront, accessible, and efficient.
  2. He kept us always well informed of the schedule, the issues, the strategies, and the proposed solutions. 
  3. You are kept informed of progress at each stage and are invited to participate at each checkpoint. 
Dean Marco

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