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Concept To Completion

No matter what the project is, it starts with an idea, a vision, a concept. Concept to Completion is our way of saying that we can turn your dreams into a reality. Weather we need to engage architects,engineers, designers or just start swinging hammers. Our experience, networks and knowledge can bring any project from concept to completion

Project Phases


  • Pre Construction
  • Architectural Design
  • Engineers Specifications
  • Designers Material Selection
  • Construction
  • Building
  • Stakeholder meetings
  • Handover
  • Project Review
  • Touch Ups

If engaged during the pre-construction phase, allows us to drive home your concept and design, to build with your vision at the forefront. We are more than able to work with any engaged third parties, doing construction and management only. Or provide our experienced team of architects, designers, and engineers to help move the project from concept to completion. Marco Projects logo symbolises the puzzle pieces of a project fitting together to become one whole piece, bringing all project stakeholders together for one common goal, bringing your vision to life

Testimonial Snippets

  1. Dean is a fabulous project manager–any construction project involves a million simultaneous on going work streams and Dean knows how to juggle multiple balls and keep everything moving forward at once. He kept us always well informed of the schedule, the issues, the strategies, and the proposed solutions.
  2. From concept to completion and everything in between–This has been my experience with Dean! Dean has an innate ability to authentically connect with you and be of service.
  3. His adeptness results in his projects running smoothly, which makes my job as an architect so much easier!
Dean Marco

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